Automate your workflows…

One of the best things about integrating technology into your business is the ability to save time on the processes you repeat on a regular basis. Below are just a couple of examples areas we regularly help clients to automate…


Quotation/Proposal Creation

screenshot propIncredibly, there are still a large percentage of businesses who are manually creating their quotations by either writing them out by hand, or typing everything out on (if they’re organised) a branded Google Doc/Microsoft Word template. With the latter method, each new quotation would usually consist of revising all lines on the quotation each time, in order to produce a new (and unique version) for the client in question.

Our solution for this would be to setup and brand some proposal/quotation software to the client company’s specification and design. With this software, by merely filling in a handful of simple boxes, the client would be able to generate a beautiful, detailed quotation to send out by email/PDF. From here, depending on the particular software used, the client would then be able to view statistics on if/when the email is opened, how long the quotation was viewed for and even on which sections they spent the most time on!


Time Tracking

For clients who have to track and attribute their working hours to different projects, we have a number of cloud based software solutions to make it quick and easy for you (and your employees) to do this.

From decorators and web developers to telecom engineers and consultants, there are hundreds of professions where time tracking is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, for invoicing purposes, simple monitoring of the hours attributed to each project is an essential part of managing both budgets and time efficiency. Secondly, tracking yours or your employees’ time on projects can help to become even more efficient in the future – with more accurate quotations and monitoring expectations on what can be achieved during a designated time period.

As always, if anything throughout the blog sounds interesting and you’d like to discuss how we could help your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.